Travel Guide – Re-registration for those without ADS hotel booking

You will only be able to register on Friday, June 17th at BNDCC Lobby between 7:00 AM until 9:15 AM.

Please manage your time and come early enough to re-register on Friday morning. Don’t miss out on the Grand Opening at 9:30 AM. Unless you have your name tag, you will be denied entrance.

Additional hours will be posted on the BNDCC.

Remember, you must have your name tag with you at all times in order to be eligible for entrance to related programs. You will be denied entrance if you fail to show us your name tag, when checked or asked.

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  1. Agung HALIM
    Agung HALIM says:

    Acrostic of COME FOLLOW ME:

    C hrist has commanded us –
    O bey!
    M oved by His amazing grace
    E mpowered by His Spirit

    F ulfill the Great Commission
    O f all nations disciples
    L et us make, teach to obey
    L ift up His Name & make known
    O ur Lord’s love
    W ith all share

    M ore of Christ and less of me – this is my prayer & desire
    E xalt Christ & glorify Him – Lord of lords, King of kings

    Tune to “I Love To Tell the Story”


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