The Alpha and Omega

Tools to Help Us Be Closer to God Through Consistent and Meaningful Bible Study

Have we felt bored with our quiet times? Or feel empty and did not get anything? Or maybe we cannot consistently over this? Jason So (Hong Kong) and Matthew Lim (Singapore) discussed these issues in the classroom of ‘The Alpha and Omega’.

Jason, who became a disciple of Jesus in the period of study in Canada in 1998, said, “There are 1,000 reasons why we need to do our quiet time every morning but there is only one reason why we do not do, namely: lazy.”

Three important reasons why we need a quiet time each morning is because we have a sinful nature within us, life is never out of the storm, and in order to access the power contained in a quiet time itself. According to Jason, entered the world without devotionals like getting into the enemy fortress without the weapons.

Jason gives many practical things such as ideas on topics quiet time include: digging the characters in the Bible, topical learning or studying the entire book of the Bible. He also provided seven questions that can be useful to deepen our quiet times:

Are the sins that we want to avoid? Is there an example that I need to follow? Is there a command for me to obey? What of the reading part that wants to teach me about God and Christ? What is God’s promise should I hold? Which verse relevant for me so that I can pray? Is there something hard that it took me to learn more?

The second speaker, Matthew Lim became disciples of Jesus when studying music in America, tells how he was once trapped in view of the quiet time as routine, he said that the cause of an empty feeling in our quiet times. Lim tend to view God as a lecturer for him, so that the element of the relationship was minimal in his quiet time.

One interesting point of Matthew Lim is about love and feelings, as Christians we are many learned that love is a verb or more on action than a feeling. Lim likens a man, who said he loved his wife, but he would only show love through his actions and he did not feel anything about his wife, sounds strange does not it? So emotions (feelings) are necessarily involved in our relationship with God.

Lim concluded that we should have a greater purpose for our quiet times, not only meets our needs or gain knowledge, but to build an emotional connection with God. We need to learn how God feels about us, how He loves us, so that we can feel safe and we can even share them with others.

One of the participants from the church of Palangkaraya named Budi Yanto revealed that he was very grateful for this class. He was greatly helped in principle and practical matters, and determined to regulate sleep patterns and build new habits to consistently have a quiet time in the morning, and make a quiet time as an emotional relationship with God.
To God be the glory. Amen.

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