Men’s Workshop (Session 1) Come Follow Me, the World will See

Today, Friday, June 17, 2016, after the lunch break, the ADS 2016 conference followed by dividing the participants into two major parts. The first is classes for women consisting of 11 (eleven) classes, and then Men’s Workshop consisting of all male participants who joined together in the main hall.

Men’s Workshop begins with introduction by Wee Kiong who introduces two speakers that are relatively young but has been used by God in their ministry according to their spiritual strength or qualities. Both men are Lubin Tan from Singapore, and also Moses Sinukaban who came from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Both speakers spoke on about the same topics that are Come Follow Me, the World will See. The first speaker is Lubin Tan appeared in English and accompanied by a PowerPoint slide positioned on the left and right of the stage as a form of subject matter to be shared.

Lubin Tan in his lesson provide a number of points about the example of Jesus in terms of loving. This beloved brother expressed how important it is to see and follow the example of Jesus, because, many are very likely to have another and different interpretations of what is supposed to be desired by God. One might have thought that love means to avoid conflict or to please others, and so forth, but Jesus gave the model and principles in terms of love, and one of them is by focusing on the needs of others more than themselves (cf. John 13: 34-35).

Lubin then goes on to provide an overview of how Jesus loves. He touched the others. He touched people’s feet in order to wash it. He touched the skin of people who were suffering from leprosy, touched the blind man’s eyes, and touched the tongue of the mute. These were done by Jesus as a form of love for those who feel left behind, discarded or excluded. In that manner, then Jesus has been meeting the needs of people emotionally and mentally.

The lessons are delivered by Lubin increasingly clear by telling his experience when mentored or discipling others. Through coaching, Lubin learned to be humble and also help people who are not easy to love because of emotional problems such as distrust or suspicion of other people and so forth. Then, Lubin also enshrines the illustration of his experiences by refer to the way of Jesus in terms of building relationships and enter into the lives of others.

Things that are unusual or even not a hobby also we can do in order to build relationships with others, and it’s quite possible as an opportunity that is given by God to us, said Lubin. He tells about his experience which he ever was willing to run a marathon in order to establish a connection. In other words, when doing things like that, then indeed, we are training ourselves to change the focus from a selfish heart to be concern for the needs of others.
To God be the glory.

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