Mass Baptisms in Ayodya Beach

Good news keeps coming from all corners of the world. Thursday, June 16, 2016, at least more than 50 people from Church of Christ worldwide are baptized in Ayodya Beach, Ayodya Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali. And it was getting better since it started just before the Asian Discipleship Summit (ADS). Yes, it is indeed very good news to hear more people committed their lives for Christ.

Therefore, to came to Ayodya Beach as quickly as possible, things were look much more than we expected.

It was a cloudy afternoon, signaling that the rain was about to fall. Winds were picking up slowly. However, upon descending the Ayodya Beach, an enthusiasm began to arise. Hundreds of newly arrived disciples of Christ worldwide gathered at the beach, eagerly waiting new souls to join the Kingdom of God. Many of them were arrived fresh from buses carrying them from airport.

The crowd gathered upon the small podium upon which the ministers were praying for the soon-to-be disciples. Among them Pastors Harliem Salim and John Louis offering prayers to the new souls, brothers dressed in white, while sisters donned in white. A drone was over watching the crowd to immortalize the moments about to unfold.

Many disciples from all around the world gathered as one, no matter what their nationalities, skin color, or language. Indeed, it is a wonderful sight to see the family of God gathering together in one place, from diverse background it would seem, yet united in Christ nonetheless.  With the ministers finished praying, the souls are now being guided to the waters for their initiation of faith.

The crowd cheered. New souls to the Kingdom of God always means something miraculous, seeing how God had changed hearts and minds of people, regardless of their past mistakes and sins. However, rising tide meant that the baptism had to be delayed for awhile. That did not stop the disciples to do some fellowship, though.

The sea itself is a bit tricky. Waves would crash to the places where we’re standing, causing some panicky flight to the higher side of the beach. In one occasion, too, my shoes were drenched by the saltwater.

That did not stop the baptism. When the seas were calmed, finally 50 of our brothers and sisters were now the members of Family of Christ. The crowd again roared upon their exit from the water. Another victory for the church.

One of the baptized, Fati, of Bandung Campus ministry, described it as one of the most fantastic part of his life. “I am glad to have this new life, and I’m pretty much excited of what God can do to me,” he stated in a quick interview. “I used to have an old life, but now it is much of the past compared of what God has for me. From now on, I look forward to stay in the Kingdom of God as long as possible.”

Welcome to the Kingdom, Brothers and Sisters!

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