A Faithful Rose, From Kenya to Bali

Rose Wangu Gathitu is a widow and the only participant from Nairobi, Kenya. She went to the singles lunch at GWK and many there couldn’t believe her age because she looks much younger than 62. Rose attributes her youthful appearance to eating healthy food, especially fish, and walking a lot.

Her husband passed away 11 years ago. Rose was a teacher at the time of his passing, but she quit her profession and decided to continue her husband’s work as a contractor in order to make a living for her 3 children – two daughters and a son. Today they are all married and she now has 3 grandchildren, with 2 more on the way. She has also returned to her passion of teaching music to children, which was what she studied in Kenyatta University.

On June 13th, 1991, Rose was baptized in London. After spending two years there, she headed back to Nairobi. But back in Nairobi, she didn’t know where the disciples met and when she studied the bible with people on her own, she didn’t know what church to bring them to afterwards. Luckily, Rose was able to meet up with a sister she knew from London, and was finally able to find the church in Nairobi.

Her kids became disciples at one time, but have since fallen away. That was the hardest moment in her walk as a Christian, especially when her son left the church. However, Rose continued to trust in God for everything through many struggles. Her favorite scripture is 1 Thessalonians 5:18, which says to give thanks in everything. She keeps loving her children, praying for them, and she never loses hope that one day they will come back to God.

Rose was informed of ADS in September of last year and decided to go. It was her dream to attend a conference since she missed the last one in Texas a couple of years ago, due to a late visa release only 2 days before the departure date. She came all the way to Bali by herself and was a bit nervous since she had never been to Asia before, but she believed wholeheartedly that God would always be with her on her long journey.

During the conference, Rose stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort in Bali, Benoa. She was so encouraged by the warmness and hospitality of the Indonesian Disciples. From the beginning of the conference until the very end, God always gave different sisters to accompany her, and she felt that they were like angels in disguise. She loved the food and the weather in Bali so much that she decided to stay a few extra days after the conference to enjoy it more. Among the things she did was going on a midnight hike to Mount Batur with a group of disciples and eating at Sate Bawah Pohon at Legian.

To God be the glory.

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